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Intentional, intelligent planning, navigated by what’s in your heart.

Pathfinder Wealth Partners

Welcome to Pathfinder Wealth Partners. We’re glad you are here. Our purpose is to guide you as you define, build, and enjoy prosperous lives.

We will discover who you are, what makes you tick, and what you are trying to get done with money now and in the future.

With that, we will lead you through the complexities of retirement planning, strategic asset management, and today’s most tax-efficient strategies. Using state-of-art planning and analysis tools, we will help you implement a financial plan that carefully balances what’s in your heart with what is on your balance sheet.

Our clients are family. With our guidance, clients are aligning their financial intentions with their financial actions. A good journey requires commitment, foresight, and experience.

We want to help you find your path. So, whether you are looking to grow, protect, or transfer wealth, our team is here to help.